The Cost of Not Following Jesus

Jesus says that no relationship, rights, or resources are to matter more to you than He does. That’s a very high price to pay. However, if you are reflecting prudently, you’ll quickly see that there’s more to consider. There’s also the cost of NOT committing to Jesus.

First, there’s a cost we have to pay right now. You lose the peace of knowing you’re forgiven, adopted into the family of God. You lose the chance to be in on the greatest adventure in human history. You miss out on the chance of finding the real belonging you long for.

The community we are building here at St. Andrew’s can be a place where you can learn that you don’t have to fake it. People give you a break when you mess up. It’s a place where others help you bear your burdens, and you help bear theirs.

This is a place where the transforming love of Jesus Christ can be experienced. But only by those who respond to His love.

And there’s more. not following Jesus leads to heavy regrets. I can speak from sad personal experience about wasted time and opportunities. We dismiss such things as “sowing wild oats”, but that’s really a covering for excusing self-indulgence that has a very high price tag.

And that’s just in this life. In eternal terms, the cost becomes overwhelming. Luke 14:34-35 says that if salt loses its taste (in other words, if it doesn’t do the flavoring an preserving that makes it valuable) it’s thrown out and trampled underfoot. It’s worthless, not fit for the manure pile. Salt is a preservative. It keeps food from spoiling.

Our task, as we become more like Jesus, is to keep this world from spoiling. If we fail to do that because of our good excuses, Jesus says our lives end up a total waste…and the regrets will be eternal. The guilt, loss, and isolation we experience in this life will become the defining traits of our eternal existence. Forever lost.

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