Sit Down

If I asked you to meet with me and give me an hour of your time, you would want to know why I want to meet with you. The busier you are, the more likely you would be to want an answer.

Time is precious. We don’t want to waste it. But many who would hesitate to spend an hour talking with me are blithely walking through an entire lifetime without thinking about how they are spending it.

In Luke 14:28, Jesus suggests we need to “sit down” and consider what we are doing with our lives. I like that phrase because it’s concrete. Before you can stand up for Jesus, you have to “sit down” and do your homework. Jesus says if you wanted to start a construction project, you’d first “sit down” and figure out if you can pay for it. Or, if you’re about to lead a nation into war, you’d be foolish not to “sit down” and do some serious calculations.

Jesus asks if we’ve ever really considered what it means to be a Christian. Lots of people haven’t. I know because I talk to them all the time. They mistakenly think Christianity starts on the outside by doing Christian things: go to church, give money, teach Sunday school, say prayers. These are good things. Christians do them. But Christianity doesn’t start there. It doesn’t start on the outside. It starts on the inside with a radical response to an incredible offer God makes to us through Jesus.

So Jesus asks us all if we’ve ever really thought about this.

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