Active Faith

Faith is active. What we reason out with our minds, and become convinced of in our hearts, must become an action. Unless we follow the process of faith all the way to the point of action, certainty will always elude us. Some people insist on waiting to believe or even obey God until they can reason their way to it. That never works. You’ve got to take action. Certainty comes at the end of the faith development process, through reasoned trust. Faith is never complete until it is tested. It’s really not that hard for us because it’s how we already live all the time, in big ways and small.

You can’t live without faith. Just about everything we do involves it. Here’s a story to illustrate: Recently, our car blew out anĀ engine in Louisville. It took faith to get it fixed. I found a mechanic. I used my reason to obtain facts about him. I talked to somebody who had used him. I met with him. I looked at his shop. With the facts in mind, I decided that he was both competent and reputable. My will was persuaded that this was my best option. But I could have no certainty until I forked over the $3,000 cost of the repair. It took action. In biblical terms, I had no faith until I did that.

Now every time I drive my car, my certainty grows. I would never have known certainty if I’d just sat in my broken car and told myself I believed the mechanic could do the job. I had to let him do it.

That’s what faith is. It’s rational and it requires action.

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