Have You Found Your Eternal Home?

Psalm 90:1 presents the Lord as the transcendent, unseen Reality and Source of everything. He is called “our dwelling place through all generations.” Those who acknowledge God find a home in Him. But whether we acknowledge Him or not, because He is the ultimate Reality, He is the One with whom everyone must deal.

Psalm 90:2 reminds us that the Lord is literally “older than the hills” because He brought them forth and gave them birth. God is timeless and everlasting. He is the permanent Creator God.

In contrast to God’s permanence, Psalm 90:3-6 turns to the subject of our transience. This passage echoes the important, therapeutic words we quote on Ash Wednesday that God spoke to Adam, “[You are dust] and to dust you will return.”

The point is this: We are going to die, and the speed with which life will zoom by is shocking. In Psalm 90:4-6, the psalmist piles up image after image to drive home this reality. A thousand years seems like an eternity to us, but against God’s eternity it seems incredibly brief, like a day or part of an evening watch – 4 hours. Looking back, it will all seem like a dream, or like something swept away as if by a flood. We’re like new grass that springs up quickly only to be scorched and withered by the end of the day.

Brief. Transient. Weak. Short-lived. That’s what we are…and what we try so desperately to deny. But death is reality. The Bible says nobody will get out alive, and the only sane thing to do is deal with it. Have you found your eternal home in God?

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