What is Man?

We have many questions: What is God like? Is He good? Can you trust Him? And who are we? What is man?

David addressed these questions in Psalm 8. He was momentarily overwhelmed by God’s enormity and his comparative smallness. So he asked, “What is man that You are mindful of him?”

You do realize, don’t you, that the modern, highly educated mind is schizophrenic about that question. The social sciences say that we all have worth and dignity and that our hope is in self-esteem. But the “hard” sciences say that any notion of our inherent worth is there because it gave our species an evolutionary advantage. We are just the random product of time, matter and chance. And when we die, we die.

Well, which is it?! We can’t matter and not matter at the same time, can we? How can we possibly know? God must tell us! We need a WORD – special revelation from our Maker.

In Psalm 8 we are given such a word, a picture of human glory. David draws directly from the creation story of Genesis 1 which says that men and women are made in the image of God. You and I and every other human being you have ever laid eyes on have inherent glory and significance because we are made in His image.

We have God-like traits. Our personalities resemble God’s. We have a mind, emotions and a will. We can think. We have the capacity for loving personal relationships because God is a relational Being whose defining trait is love.

We also have God-like work to do. We are the managers of this world. God’s job description for us is in Psalm 8:6. We are to manage creation – all of it – including all other creatures on the planet. We don’t own anything. Everything, including our stuff and our potential, are God’s. But we are responsible and accountable for it. We each manage a tiny corner of creation. It’s an awesome privilege and a sacred trust.

No other earthly creature has been endowed with anything close to our capacity or charged with so lofty a responsibility. We, like David, can allow ourselves to be completely caught up in the worship of a God who would do such a thing!

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